Supplemental Coverage TX

Health Matching Account Corpus Christi Texas

Health Matching Account

Save big on unexpected expenses, while growing a health savings account that accrues value as time goes on. Contribute to the account and over time the value will increase, depending on your usage. HMA® benefits roll over from year to year. The account also helps you to save for procedures such as elective surgeries. The plan is cost-effective and has flexible and affordable monthly payment options.

GAP Plans

Do you currently have a high deductible Affordable Care Act Plan or employer coverage with a high deductible? Our GAP plan can eliminate your deductible for hospital stays and drastically reduce your out-of-pocket costs for outpatient expenses like doctor visits, lab and x-rays, and emergency room expenses for a low monthly premium.

Enhanced 24 Accident Plan

Here you will find an affordable strategy to help pay for cuts, bruises and broken bones. Our Enhanced Accident Policy covers you 24 Hours per day, on the job and off the job. Individuals, Couples and families can easily enroll for as little as $32/monthly.

Crisis Recovery Plan:

We all know someone affected by one of these dread diseases, Heart, Stroke and Cancer. Imagine the peace of mind they would have enjoyed if they received a check “upon diagnosis” for up to $50,000 cash.

Dental Plan:

We offer a unique “hybrid” Supplemental Coverage plan in Texas combining traditional dental insurance and network discounts. Take advantage of 169,000 access points across the United States. You can look up participating providers at No waiting periods on diagnostic and preventative services paid at 100 percent when using a network provider.

Vision plan:

$10 copay for eye exams, Contact lense allowance every 12 months or frame allowance every 24 months. Discounts on laser correction surgery. As low as $10.22 monthly.